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If I Only Knew...What Would Jesus Do?
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PROBLEM-SOLVING TODAY...HIS WAY A revolution of love, decency, and hope is upon us! Join the phenomenon that has already touched faithful millions when you ask yourself one simple question: 'What Would Jesus Do?' Inspired by a book published over a century ago called In His Steps, a youth group in rural Michigan got the exciting idea to ask themselves that very same question. The WWJD wave has been gathering momentum ever since. Now this personal, practical, and inspirational book brings the WWJD movement to you. Here you will find over one hundred everyday questions; among them will be yours. Accompanied by scriptural references for meditation, the answers all come from the same place: the words and wisdom of Jesus Christ. From the trivial to the profound, find out What Would Jesus Do... -- TO FIND FULFILLMENT IN LIFE? -- WHEN SOMEONE LIES? -- ABOUT A REBELLIOUS TEEN? -- ABOUT A WORKAHOLIC SPOUSE? A lesson in living that helps you follow in Jesus' footsteps, IF I ONLY KNEW...WHAT WOULD,JESUS DO? can change the question at a time.

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